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The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2024 Convention in Vienna (Austria)

The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2024 Convention will be held on Monday, December 9, 2024, in Vienna (Austria), during which selected companies, organizations, institutions and public administrations from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia will receive the Quality Choice Prize 2024 in recognition of their exceptional success in quality management initiatives.
Renowned business leaders from different countries, academic experts, quality professionals, civil servants and diplomats will participate in the above mentioned Convention. Bringing together professionals in the field of Quality for this memorable event, the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR), through its recognition program, is committed to recognize the outstanding leadership and spread the Quality Culture by engaging quality leaders to have more active role in it.

Both the Convention and the awards presentation ceremony will take place at the magnificent hotel Parkhotel Schönbrunn in Vienna. At the morning session of the Convention, the participants’ speeches will take place. The participating companies, institutions, public administrations and organizations will have the possibility to present and share their achievements, exchange professional experiences, propose initiatives and network with their potential partners from the whole world. The evening session will be dedicated to the Gala Dinner and the Awards Presentation Ceremony.

The ESQR, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), handles strategic questions in quality management and promotes Quality Culture and continuous improvement in Quality through its annual Conventions, which serve as a global forum to perfect quality management techniques and provides an excellent networking opportunity for all participants. The awarded companies, institutions, public administrations and organizations, from a wide range of private and public sectors, which strive for excellence and have proven their capabilities through their accomplishments, will renew their commitment to quality and get new ideas on quality management.


The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize Award 2024

The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize recognizes the companies, organizations, institutions, public administrations and individuals with ethics and initiatives that demonstrate exceptional success in quality management and that maximize the full potential of their services through quality-oriented practices. The Quality Choice Prize recognition program takes a comprehensive look at the initiatives and strategies that quality leaders implement in their companies/organizations; it highlights the efforts of exceptional and talented employers and employees and provides motivation for continuous progress.

Vienna: Imperial City

Vienna (Austria) will host the ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2024 Convention on Monday, December 9, 2024. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has been the capital of the Habsburg Empire for several centuries. The city still has the characteristics of the imperial city, and the historic city center is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from being regarded as the City of Music because of its musical legacy, Vienna is also an important international center hosting many major international organizations. Vienna is also an important cultural center as it counts numerous museums on its territory and offers a wide variety of cultural activities.

Parkhotel Schönbrunn Hotel in Vienna

The ESQR’s Quality Choice Prize 2024 Convention will be held at the magnificent hotel Parkhotel Schönbrunn in Vienna on Monday, December 9, 2024. Both the Convention and the Awards Ceremony will be held at the hotel’s spectacular Ballroom. Parkhotel Schönbrunn is a former palace for the Austrian emperor’s guests. The hotel offers a unique combination of Viennese flair, distinctive imperial atmosphere and attractive comforts. Whether it is its imperial touches or a top-quality experience, this hotel leaves a lasting impression. The address of hotel Parkhotel Schönbrunn is Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10, 1130 Vienna, Austria.

About Us

The ESQR (European Society for Quality Research) is a Swiss-based organization which promotes quality awareness, recognizes best practices, excellence, leadership, technological innovation, quality achievements in organizations worldwide, and publicizes these organizations’ successful performance strategies. ESQR provides solutions to enable organizations from any industry, irrespective of their size and geographic location, to learn the tools and techniques for managing quality as well as address its related challenges. ESQR has also different platforms where organizations worldwide have the opportunity to learn from each other, to improve performance and exchange ideas and experiences related to quality management.

Throughout its history, ESQR has positively impacted companies, organizations, universities, healthcare centers and public administrations from 144 countries, through its recognitions programs, congresses, conferences, seminars and training programs. ESQR’s events have taken place in the world’s global cities in 3 continents. ESQR has built a unique community where like-minded professionals, driven by quality, learn from each other.

The ESQR hosts associates from academia, industry and international organizations. In addition, ESQR partners with corporate executives, academic experts, manufacturing specialists, engineers, scientists and technicians around the world to carry out its activities and projects.

ESQR’s mission

Quality makes a positive contribution to most aspects of our lives by ensuring desirable characteristics of products and services. Our mission is to enhance quality in wherever organizations willing to understand and commit to adhering to its values.

ESQR’s core competencies

Quality research

ESQR carries out studies and cutting-edge researches on quality management to demonstrate the economic and social benefits of quality models to organizations. ESQR is focused on the efficiency of quality approaches and on generating new tools and techniques for their implementation in a wide range of disciplines and sectors. ESQR covers areas such as: Performance Measurements; Customer Service; Strategic Product Development.

Recognition programs

ESQR recognizes and highlights, through its recognition programs, outstanding excellence results, best practices, quality awareness and achievements by organizations worldwide. ESQR draws up policies and guidelines for the recognition programs which are presented at ESQR’s annual conventions in global cities. In total, ESQR runs 5 recognition programs, each of which covers respectively the following quality related areas: best practices, excellence, leadership, choice and achievements.

Quality Assessment

The ESQR develops assessment programs and self-assessment tools to endorse organizations’ competence. The ESQR assessment programs analyze rigorously the organizations’ performance, help them understand their own needs and provide them with an action plan in order to achieve business improvement. The ESQR assessment programs follow the criteria of the ESQR Quality Performance Model, a key milestone of overall performance which has helped organizations from 144 countries to improve their quality management and generate strategies that fit their quality goals, budget and timing.


The ESQR also offers quality consulting programs, which examine assigned problems, cover industry-related topics and deliver methods and strategies tailored to specific needs of the organization. These programs include: risk management consultancy; organizational solutions and business process improvements.


One of ESQR’s aims is to promote systematic studies needed for quality management and performance excellence. ESQR’s training courses are tailored to mesh with your organization’s overall strategy, objective and culture. ESQR offers courses which can take place in your organization’s own premises; your organization’s management system can be included in the training program; individual coaching for top executives is possible; case study.


ESQR’s international conventions, conferences, seminars, executive workshops and roundtable discussions enable organizations and like-minded people to discover new approaches and innovative perspectives in quality management; to meet a global team of quality professionals and industry experts; to see how other organizations address their quality challenges, learn about their case studies and best practices; to establish and develop new business connections with their peers.

Our Award Winners

For the past years, companies, organizations, public administrations, universities, healthcare centers and individuals from 144 countries from all continents have received recognition from ESQR – European Society for Quality Research. These are some of them:



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